Click below to view my 30-second Introduction video (filmed at the Santa Cruz, CA Yacht Harbor).


More About Me


Laura Keefe Junod

I am a Certified Tour Director and Guide through ITMI (International Tour Management Institute).  I have been traveling extensively to France for the last 10 years and have become completely captivated by the language, culture, history and food of this beautiful and endlessly fascinating country.  After having studied and taken an intensive French language class in Paris, I am semi-fluent in French. 

I am a 4th generation San Franciscan and graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz.   When not touring internationally, I am a local guide in California, specializing in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Capitola, Monterey/Carmel and Yosemite. I love to walk and hike and share our local history and the beauty of this area with guests. 


Why I Travel...

I am fortunate to have  grown up, and to live, on the breathtakingly beautiful California coast.  However, my next travel adventure is never far from my mind because I learn so much when I travel. Seeing a new place and learning about a culture different than my own is endlessly fascinating to me.  As a Tour Director and Guide, I have the opportunity to share this knowledge and spark the curiosity of my guests as well.  What I have learned is that even though the world is a big place and there is so much to see, no matter what country we are from, or what language we speak, people are all very much the same and care about the same things